Dead Drive is going to be Vehicle based Map with you escaping the Factory and Driving to the Oil Rig. The spawn will consist of a Warth
Dead Drive 1

Old pic 2

Dead Drive

Old Pic 1

og and 4 Mongoose so you could escape from the Horde and live. After the fight with the Workers at the Factory, The Zombies were back again and they had more people with them so they got the UNSC too Barricade off the area near the Highway and escape Via Cruiser but suddenly a Weird Zombie came and Destroyed the vehicle prompting Alpha Team too jump out and right on the other side of the Barricade were some Vehicles so they started Driving towards they Boats knowing that the Zombies Will be back. The map is well a highway including 2 Bridges, Toll both and escape Boats. The weapons are : 4x Assault Rifles, 1x DMR


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